ASMR and Soap Carving

Soap carving has become a major part of the ASMR scene. Soap carvers videotape themselves steadily, rhythmically carving soap to help soothe others and help with conditions like anxiety or insomnia. Many people swear by soap carving ASMR.

Understanding why soap carving videos help people de-stress is best done by first understanding why ASMR is and how it works. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. It is typically felt as a pleasant tingling feeling along the skin, often staring on the scalp and moving down along the spine. It is a deeply soothing sensation and can be triggered by a number of sights and sounds.

There have been many different studies on the phenomenon. Contrary to what it may seem like when people describe it, most people do not find anything sexual in ASMR. In March of 2015, a study found that 98 percent of the 475 study participants used ASMR to relax. 82 percent of them used it to help them sleep and 70 percent of the participants used it for overall stress relief.

Soap carving is often used for ASMR. It typically takes one of two forms. The carver may rhythmically slice off smooth pieces of soap from a bar.

He or she also might first deeply score the soap in a grid pattern, then start slicing away small cubes of soap from the bar. ASMR soap carving is not like artistic soap carving and is not often concerned with the end result, but more with the process.

The sound of soap being carved and chunks of it hitting the ground is especially important, as it is often the main reason people watch the video.

If you want to make your own videos, there are several important factors in setting it up correctly. You need to make sure you have a good microphone and a good camera.

The most effective ASMR videos have the camera placed where a viewer’s eyes would be and have the microphone(s) set up where a viewer’s ears would be.

This creates a more relaxing and intimate atmosphere. The video should seem less like a video and more like something someone is personally experiencing.

Know that, if you are looking to start doing ASMR soap carving videos, you do need to understand how to do some video editing. Most of it consists of sound editing.

After ASMR soap carvers take their footage, they usually then edit it to remove loud noises and clapping sounds. This trend has become hugely popular on YouTube!

Every aspect of your video should be soothing and satisfying. Some people do make videos professionally and they recommend doing meticulous research into what helps magnify the sensation for viewers.

It can be anything from incorporating certain colors, lighting, and even sounds. Video production is an interesting blend of art and science.

Soap carving ASMR can be a fascinating experience for the person carving and anyone watching.

It’s much more than just making a video of yourself carving, but needs to be tailored to helping create the intimate, relaxing sensation that makes ASMR so good at helping people relax.

Soap Carving - Learn a Relaxing Hobby