What is Soap Carving?

You may have seen soap carving videos pop up on your feed or seen articles featuring beautiful, delicate soap carving sculptures from time to time. Just what is it, though?

Soap carving is, well, the act of carving a bar of soap, though it can be much more complex than it seems. Soap carving is an art that anyone can learn. It can be an amazing activity for children but it can also be a gateway to creating amazing sculptures and getting in touch with your artistic side.

It can also be a way to help clear your mind and reduce stress through the use of soap carving ASMR.

soap carving

Soap carving has actually seen a lot of use as a fun activity for children over the years and it still is. It’s a budget-friendly and non-toxic way for kids and adults to spend some time together and express their creativity. Clean up is usually pretty simple, too, since the material you’re working with isn’t clay or wood, but is instead your run-of-the-mill soap bars.

If your child has expressed interest in carving wood, soap carving is also a good way to get them started without a lot of expense, mess, and sharp knives. It gives them a chance to try out carving ideas without needing to take a class (which may not even be available right now) or buy expensive blocks of wood.

Soap carving can be done with a butter knife, though a sharper knife is preferred for more intricate soap carving designs.

Artistic Soap Carving

And can you ever create intricate designs! While someone’s initial soap carving is probably going to be simplistic, many soap carving enthusiasts have turned soap carving into a true art. These soap carvings are not just a way to pass time but are carefully crafted sculptures that require a lot of vision, dedication, and practice to create.

Unlike working with clay or wood, carving sculptures out of soap is relatively cheap, quiet, and needs very little space. It’s grown popular as a way to pass the time that is easier to do than whittling, which it bears a large degree of resemblance to.

A lot of the most lovely works of soap carving are made by fruit and vegetable carvers. Many of the techniques used to carve fruit are also used to carve soap and the size of the surface is often very similar. Soap carvings have the advantage of lasting a lot longer!

You can make soap carvings of all kinds, from simple geometric shapes to lovely flowers to amazing sculptures of animals. It is an art form with a lot of possibilities. The only limit is your imagination and practice.

Soap Carving ASMR

Soap carving is used by many people as a way to help with anxiety and insomnia. Soap carving ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a popular version of ASMR. ASMR videos have grown more popular as a way to treat a number of conditions, many of them related to anxiety. Many people find the sound of soap being steadily carved to be incredibly soothing. Others find the act of soap carving itself helps with stress.

ASMR soap carving is not necessarily as artistic as other versions. Often, ASMR soap carvers will use craft knives to carve away smooth pieces of soap, or they will score the soap bar through to carve off small square pieces.

Regardless, the motions are always rhythmic, creating a visually and audibly soothing experience for the carver as well as those watching and listening.

Starting Soap Carving

Practice is going to be key to creating beautiful soap carvings. Starting your first soap carving is as simple as getting a bar of soap from your local confidence store, a butter knife from your kitchen, and sitting down in some good lighting to start carving away.

Many soap carvers recommend using older and drier soap bars, but even brand new soap is very easy to carve. Any brand of soap can be used as long as the soap bar can be held firmly in one hand and is solid enough to stay together as you carve it.

Just about any knife will cut into a soap bar. If you want to be cautious, or you are doing soap carving with small children, a butter knife is always a good choice. Many ASMR soap carvers use thai carving knives to be more precise.

For more elaborate soap carvings, you probably want to invest in a set of specialized carving knives.

One of the other amazing things about soap carving is that you can save and reuse the pieces of soap that you carve off your soap sculpture. Make sure you keep a cloth under the area where you will be making your soap carving.

This needs to catch all the slivers of soap that you carve off the bar. Not only will this make clean up much faster, it will also make sure that you have the soap slivers to melt back together into a soap bar or use for some other purpose.

Keeping and reusing these soap slivers also makes soap carving a very environmentally friendly hobby.

If you like your soap carvings, you can always paint them with watercolors and tempera paint. These colors will dry very light onto the soap.

A number of experienced soap carvers prefer to leave the soap uncolored (or, at least, colored the color that the soap already is), but adding a touch of additional color can still be fun, especially for younger kids, who always love it when you break out the paint.

Whether you are looking for a family-friendly art project, trying to help with some anxiety, or are interested in a new way to express your artistic side, soap carving is a hobby that has a lot to offer.

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